Ayurveda Treatment Centre
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This is how it works

  • Our online consultation charges are 500 INR
  • Once the transaction is done, you will get a call from our centre to decide the date and time for online consultation

Online consultation terms and conditions

By proceeding for online consultation, you accept that

  • Maximum time duration of the consultation is 20 minutes (However, the time duration can be increased if the doctor needs for the same)
  • The consultation will be either by a voice call or a video call
  • The date and time of the online consultation will be told to the patient by a phone call or mail on a prior note. (the date and time will be set as per the doctor and patients mutual convenience) only after the payment is done
  • Payment for the consultation is not refundable in any case
  • The doctor has full right to reject or disconnect the online consultation if the doctor feels that the person who is seeking consultation is misbehaving or is under the influence of any narcotic substances (like alcohol, drugs etc.)
  • For technical problems, such as a line failure, the person seeking advice has to re-establish the connection. Should this effort fails after 2 attempts, the person seeking advice will receive an email or call from the consultant with a new appointment
  • By online consultation, the doctor does not guaranty for any outcome or cure of the disease. However, the doctor will try his level best to prescribe the proper treatment
  • After the consultation, the doctor will provide the prescription either through mail, or WhatsApp.
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