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Weight Gain and Ayurveda

As obesity is not so good, being very thin or underweight is also not a pleasant experience. Being very lean and thin reflects on our personality and confidence. Moreover, many complications such as exhaustion, fatigue, muscle problems and digestive disturbances may arise due to very less weight.

Why my weight is not increasing?

So, what is the reason behind less weight or being thin?
As in obesity, the calories doesn’t burn properly, here the calories doesn’t gets utilized properly. One may be underweight due to several reasons such as metabolism disturbance, thyroid disturbance etc. one may become underweight due to complications of the diseases like tuberculosis, cancer or HIV. Genetic or hereditary factors also play a role.

How to gain weight?

Primarily, there are three solutions, Diet, Lifestyle and Medicines. In modern medicine, you will be prescribed steroids and other drugs which are effective but may cause side effects on a longer run. Whereas, Ayurveda has an optimum and permanent solution to gain weight

Easy Ways to Gain Weight

Ayurvedic treatment for weight gain

Ayurveda has mentioned number of herbs and medicines for weight gain. Herbs like Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Kaucha, Arjuna etc. are very effective. Ayurvedic doctor for weight gain should provide the medicines which suits one’s body constitution (prakriti). The motto is to increase the digestive capacity of a person so that the ingested food digests properly and nourishes the body.

Ayurveda diet for weight gain

One should consume heavy meals considering one’s digestive capacity. Try to have protein, carbs and fat rich diet. Food articles like cow ghee, curd, milk, wheat flour, rice, pulses etc. are more beneficial. Don’t overeat. Overeating may cause digestive disturbance. Take some natural digestives like buttermilk, pepper, garlic etc. along with your meals.

Ayurveda lifestyle for weight gain

First rule is to be happy and stress free. Try to have proper sleep of at least 7 hours. One can have a day nap of half an hour, if required. For proper body structure, basic workout is necessary. Maintain the eating and sleeping schedule properly.

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